Thursday, November 15, 2012

Birth of a Novel 2012 - NaNo #2

Today marks the beginning of my second week of Birth of a Novel in its new format. I'm happy to report that posting my goals here in a clear fashion definitely helped me achieve them. All of them!

Also, before we dive into the official progress report, I would like to thank Lizzie for letting me spend the night at her house, even if I wrote the whole time, and for making sure I did write the whole time.

    Last week's goals:
  1. Reach 26k before I go to bed on Friday. I finished Friday off with 26,036 words.
  2. Write 7k on both Saturday and Sunday. I wrote 7,044 words on Saturday and 7,110 words on Sunday for a total of 40,190 words.
  3. Write 5k on Monday. I wrote 5,027 words for a total of 45,217 words.
  4. Write 2.5k on both Tuesday and Wednesday. I wrote 2,665 on Tuesday and 2,547 words on Wednesday for a total of 50,429 words!
  5. Make at least one vlog. I actually made two! Well, more like one and a half. Go here and here.
  6. Catch up on 20/43 blogs. I managed to completely catch up on 22/43 blogs, putting me halfway there.
  7. Decide on new labels for blog. I wrote a whole post about the process of doing this yesterday.

I reached 50,000 words! However, THE TRUE PRINCESS is far from finished. As I mentioned last week, this means this week's goals will also be mostly made up of word counts. I'm thinking I probably have 20k left to write and I want to finish before I leave for my grandparents' on the 21st to celebrate Thanksgiving. As such, my goals are aimed toward that.

    This week's goals:
  1. Write 3k for today. I already have a little over 1k with four hours left until midnight. It should only take me about an hour and a half to get the rest.
  2. Write 1k on Friday. My parents are going out of town for the night and I will probably not be anywhere near my computer after I leave for school in the morning. 1k isn't much, but I'll probably be lucky to reach even that.
  3. Write 6k on both Saturday and Sunday. These are going to be the days that really decide whether or not I finish in time. This is the really essential goal.
  4. Write 2k on Monday. This is a school night. However, it's also the first day of a two day week so I might not get a lot of homework. If that's the case, I may be able to write more.
  5. Write at least 4k on Tuesday, continuing if close to the end. This is the last day before we leave, but I can stay up later because I don't have to get up as early as usual the next day.
  6. Make at least one vlog. This continues my goal to make a vlog once a week during NaNoWriMo.
  7. Catch up on 26/43 blogs. I know four blogs doesn't seem like a lot, but two of those blogs are "post every day" blogs which means I have about sixty posts to read for each. Plus, I have words to write!
  8. Attach labels to posts from the past two months. After this, I'll start from the beginning of my blog posts, but this week I don't have a lot of time for labeling and these posts are freshest in my memory thus deeming them easiest to label.

I'm not going to be posting a Birth of the Novel post next Thursday since it's Thanksgiving. However, when I return home, I will write one for the days remaining in that week and update you on my (hopeful!) success with this week's goals.


  1. You've been doing awesome. There's something about writing your goals that makes them so real and really makes you grind to meet them. Especially when you get to have days like this where you can report that you've accomplished them all.

    Way to go!!!

    1. Thanks, Angela. Plus, posting them where other people can see them is a good thing. Being specific is also important, at least to me.

  2. Wow Brooke! You really can crank out those words. Good for you!

    BTW, sorry about the broken picture link. I was trying to organize my photobucket library. I'll have to post a new one on my blog after Thanksgiving because it won't let me give it to you here.

    1. It helps that my story is coming quite easily to me. :) Plus, music and um... minimum amounts of procrastination.

      And I'm sorry, but I don't know/remember what picture you're talking about...

  3. Good for you! Way to go!
    When you get a chance maybe write a blog post about how to make a vlog? I would love to know how to that. :)

    1. Thank you, Clar. ^^ That's an interesting idea for a post that I hadn't considered. I am far from being an expert, but I guess I am farther along in that area than some people.

  4. Congratulations on your success in writing thus far. You need to replace the image as it looks as if it got deleted from photobucket. Have a great Thanksgiving :)

    1. Ah, yes, I know. Charity, however, has assured me that she is making a new badge soon. I'm just leaving the broken image there as a reminder to myself to replace it when she does. :)

      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!