Thursday, May 05, 2011

Forever, Frog is Nevermore

This month, as you may remember, I signed up for NEPMo (National Epic Poetry Month). I fully intended to do it, promise I did. I had a bit of a plot, a title, even a cover picked out (which I drew myself I might add). But it's just not going to happen.

I must admit, I should have known better than to book two month long challenges back to back like that (really three), but I figured they were just small poetry challenges. No big deal, right? Weeelll.... no. Poetry requires a lot of thought, about the right words, the perfect format. And it's mentally exhausting. I'm lucky only one or two of my NaPoWriMo poems were duds. It doesn't help that my stress levels are already high from everything else I have to do.

So. My NEPMo plans are cancelled (though WriDaNoJu is still on) and I'm planning to take a complete break from writing from the twenty-second of May to the thirty-first. Only planning will be allowed. Here's to hoping I have plenty of ideas and inspiration when June rolls around.


  1. You have inspired me! Maybe I'll take a blogging break for the last week of May too :D I've been tempted to force myself into a break...

  2. You deserve a break, Brooke, you've been so hard.

    By the way, what was your epic going to be about? Just curious.

  3. Poetry is hard! I thought NEPMo would be a lot easier than it is. But holy smokes! I just really want to see my proof copy, so I'm pushing myself to finish.

    A break is a good idea. I remember you advised me to take one so I didn't pull a writing muscle. xD

  4. Month long challenges can be toughies for sure (I totally failed at the A-Z challenge).

    A break is always a good thing. Relax and then come back refreshed and ready to go.

  5. @Trisha You've just been go, go, go, girl. Eventually, you're going to run out of steam, as I've learned.

    @Izzy It was going to be letters from a kidnapped girl to her best friend telling her experiences. I could email the beginning to you if you want. I warn you though, it's not that good.

    @Madeline Hey, if you win NaNo next year, you'll get another shot at your proof copy. XD Writing muscles must remain in tip top shape, like six-pack abs.

    @Angela You were gone though, for the beginning of the challenge and you still wrote a few posts.

  6. I really enjoyed your poems. In fact, since that was around the time I found your blog, I thought it was a poetry blog!

  7. @Theresa I'm sure a lot of people did since NaPoWriMo was during the Crusade. I still post poetry on Thursdays though I took a break from that this month.