Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Girl Who... (AKA My First Crusader Challenge)

Have you ever met a girl who:
  • Ate her apples upside down
  • Looked like she was staring at you (but laughed as she promised she wasn’t)
  • Had eyes that should have belonged to the March Hare and his floppy rabbit ears
  • Happened to bloviate occasionally but never really meant it (it came of frustration and shock)
  • Loved her family (and not just because she had to) and all her friends (seriously, who wouldn’t?)
  • Spoke quietly to where you almost couldn’t hear her
  • Had a fetish for paper (always rubbing it between her fingers)
  • Couldn’t stand to see someone stabbed (the blood dripping off the blade is fine though)
  • Feared she had no feelings (even though fear is a feeling)
  • Had an endless supply of answers until someone asked what the hell fuliguline meant
  • Was extremely OCD (her friends say it’s really just being very organized but she doesn’t believe them for a second)
  • Sent out this massive text because she couldn’t think of any character traits (and didn’t want to brag)
To: [various friends]
From: [Brooke R. Busse]

What is one of my best character traits?

From: [various friends]
To: [Brooke R. Busse]

You always strive to do your best -L

All of the above. (more seriously) Brooklynn is kind, because she just is. -R

You’re imaginative -C

Ur smart…FREAKY smart -K

Your smart but still really fun to be with and ur a great friend -H
I don’t either because one of those bullet points is a lie. Wanna take a stab at which one?


  1. I'm not sure you really talk quietly. Just a guess. Great post! I love the way you presented this challenge. The way you used the required words was awesome!

  2. I love the texture of paper too. This was a great way to present your facts and the fancy words! Loved it.

  3. I'm just going to guess [even though I'm not part of the Crusade]... the first one?

    And I love this line: "Had an endless supply of answers until someone asked what the hell fuliguline meant." What the hell does fuliguline mean, anyway? XD

  4. Really good job! I'm going to guess liking the texture of paper is the lie. Only because I dislike the texture of paper (& cotton) :)

    Yay for completing the first challenge.

  5. Hmmmmmm. . . Goodness Brooke, you've stumped me. I'd have to say you don't talk really quietly, but I don't know. It almost seems too true to be a lie. Everything else about you seems true. xD

  6. Well, it might be difficult to bloviate if no one can hear you so one of those is a lie... I will guess you don't speak softly then. Very nice way to introduce yourself!

  7. Fuliguline - adj. pertaining to or like a sea duck (Dictionary.com does not recognize this as a word.)

    @Madeline That is the true power of the exact right word. XD

    @CherylAnne Ham Really? I'm a very texture-oriented person and neither of those bother me. -hint hint- I'm more against slimy and sticky and gooey. XD

    @Danette I like your logic. That makes perfect sense.

    Thanks to all of you who left a compliment. ^^

  8. very creative- I think the speaking quietly one is a lie.

  9. Great way to do the challenge. I'm going to go with speaking quietly as the lie too :)

  10. I'd guess the eyes ;)

    "Had an endless supply of answers until someone asked what the hell fuliguline meant"

    Loved this :D

  11. I know you and Madeline already both got this award, but...sorry! :D

  12. Are you upside down, or the apple? I loved reading all your things. My favorite was the endless line of answers, oh, and the eyes of the March hare. I hope that last one is your lie. :)

  13. Do I seem like a loud person then? XD

    @Trisha Hmm... what do you do with an award you've received twice? Do you make a whole new post?

    @Charity You're the second person to ask me that! The apple is upside down. XD Do you mean the March Hare thing or the text messages? I'm pretty sure you mean the March Hare thing but you never know. XD