Friday, January 21, 2011

Prompt #3: I knew there were magic spells for THAT. I just never imagined buying one off of Ebay.

The sunlight from the window streamed down on Sarah as she sat in the internet café. It was slowly dimming as time wore on. Sarah didn’t notice. Her eyes just got smaller and smaller and the line on her forehead became deeper and deeper as she sat and stared at her computer screen.

Finally, she sighed and leaned back, rubbing her aching face. She reached for her cup of coffee and took a swig. It had long since gone cold and tasted horrible. Almost choking, she managed to swallow.

With a disgusted face, she pulled a small leather pouch from her purse. She pulled out a small, clear stone and set it on her palm. Cheeks bulging, she let a soft breath float over it. When the rock began to glow, she whispered, “For warmth and good taste.” It wiggled in her hand, telling her it understand. A soft plunk sounded when it hit the bitter liquid.

As she waited for the magic to run its course, she glanced back at her work. There was only a little left to calculate but the thought of doing it made her groan. She saved and clicked out. There was still time before the deadline to complete it.

After closing her laptop, she took a sip of her coffee. Her eyes closed in pleasure, “Better.”

Sarah had no idea how the people before had survived without magic. It must have taken forever to do anything.  She shuddered to think what gruesome things they would had to do to keep their houses clean. She dreaded doing the few things that had to be done manually, like typing. The only reason she didn’t quit her current job was the advantage of learning about developments with lirion before most people.

She patted her purse affectionately, feeling the pouch inside. There were also a few emergency lirion stones set into her shoe, just in case her purse was stolen.

Taking another sip of her drink, her gaze fell on the clock. She still had time to kill before she met Keith for dinner. She eyed her computer, then smiled. Why not? She had nothing better to do.

Flipping it back open, she clicked on the Internet icon. When the browser popped up she quickly typed the web address into the URL bar. The familiar page greeted her like an old friend. The logo of Ebay sprawled across the top. What to search for?

Someone entered the café, the open door allowing a small breeze to sweep through the place. It displaced an already struggling piece of hair from Sarah’s hairclip; the strand falling in her face. She swiped it away and giggled as an absurd idea came to her. The word ‘hair’ appeared on the screen as she typed.

At first things like books on hairstyles and how to ask for them and celebrity hairs appeared on the list of items. She delved deeper, clicking next over and over. The last page had only two things on it: a movie called Hairspray on the prehistoric DVD and what looked like a heap of pick hair called a wig.

She selected the wig, having no desire in movies that she couldn’t watch. As she read the description, her eyes grew as big as saucers. Glancing back at the picture, she burst out laughing. People glanced at her over their shoulders. She pushed her mirth down but she couldn’t stop the goofy expression that sat on her face.

Imagine that someone would buy this wig when it was so simple to just swallow some lirion and change your hair to anyway you want. It was extremely illogical. She logged off again and, wiping tears from her eyes, started to pack up her things.

Later, at home, her mind drifted back to the wig as she relaxed in a bubble bath. Her eyes drifted to the small bowl of stones that lay on her bathroom counter. Bubbles slid down her body as she stood and reached across her small bathroom for one.

After plucking a brown hair from her head, she wrapped it with ease around the lirion. When the smooth surface began to tingle and shimmer in her hand, she whispered, “For short, pink hair.” Plucking it into her mouth, she swallowed and turned to watch herself in the mirror.

Her hair actually had to grow to reach her ears. She kept it short so she wouldn’t have to deal with it. At first, her hair turned a deep red, then got lighter and brighter as the pink color spread and became more dominant. She frowned at her eyebrows. The gave a little pop and turned the same blinding shade. A stranger stared back at her from the reflective surface as the spell finished it’s work.

Sarah turned her face this way and that. “You know,” she mused, “I think I like my hair like this.”

Making faces at herself, she decided to keep it that way. At least until the magic wore off. She sunk back down into her bath, humming silly little songs to herself.

All that week, her co-workers stared, most whispering behind their hands about her new hair-do. A few brave souls managed to compliment her gum colored hair. She would thank them politely and, after they turned away, giggle at her computer screen.

“I for one think it’s stupid to change your hair so dramatically, permanently,” a snotty voice drifted to her ears from a cubicle. Sarah recognized the voice right away.

She turned the corner to tell Susan that it was her hair and she would do whatever she damn well pleased with it. Susan brandished something in her hand, “Now this is much more practical. It’s good for parties and social events. And when you’re at work, trying to be professional, you don’t have to waste lirion changing it back.”

As Susan flicked the thing she held, she caught sight of Sarah. Her eyes widened at first but she stuck out her chin in a defiant manner quickly enough. Sarah’s irritation levels rose as she saw the gesture. She was opening her mouth to tell Susan to mind her own flipping business when she realized what the woman was holding.

Peals of laughter escaped her throat. Her sides heaved, making it hard to breathe. A few tears squeezed their way out of her eyes. Susan and the coworker she had been talking to stared at her like she was crazy.

The object of her mirth hung loosely from Susan’s hand; the pink wig’s hairs caught the light as they fell delicately towards the floor.

Completed at 1,102 words, this is my first third person story so far. I think I did good with it as well, though I don't know if my topic was as strong. I actually got it finished on time this week so maybe it's just more comfortable for me. Or maybe I was just in a better mood. Either way, I'm off to send this in. Here's to hoping you like it.


  1. I like it. The prompt is kind of funny, too.

  2. Heh heh...Too funny, Brooke! I couldn't get lirion in my mind though, I thought you were just using a fancy word every time I read it. xD I had to remind myself what it meant.

    But honestly, I loved this. I never really thought of your eyebrows having to be pink too if your hair would look funny if they weren't. I don't think I've seen any pink eyebrowed people. Maybe I haven't looked...

  3. Maybe they're not as fashion-sensible as I am. XD (Lizzie gave me a doubtful look) double XD

  4. I look forward to reading this, I don't have time right now but hopefully will get to it soon! :D luckily it's not my turn to choose from the stories this week ;)

  5. Okay, Trisha. ^^ lol Have fun in Canada.

  6. I read it!! Very cute story, and it's awesome that it came easily to you. I love it when that happens :D

    We both have annoying characters called Susan in our stories this week. hehe

  7. Wow, you're right. I didn't think about that. XD